Peter van der Steege sees the world through a creative perspective, blending photography, graphic design and brand strategy

I am Peter van der Steege, a multi-disciplinary creative force in the Netherlands. As CEO and Art Director at Fitbrand, I specialise in creating and designing value-driven brands. My recent venture, Winnen met je Merk, is set to become a leading online branding and design training centre.

I am the author of “Bouw jouw Brand,” a Dutch book that demystifies branding for our dynamic world. My in-company branding workshops are more than just learning sessions; they’re immersive experiences that transform how businesses perceive and implement branding and strategy.

With over 30 years in the creative industry, my proficiency spans photography, graphic design, and branding. This unique blend allows me to help clients craft brand identities and strong marketing positions that resonate deeply with their audience.

I deeply understand the importance of a company’s long-term vision and excel at ensuring this vision is consistently and powerfully reflected in every visual and written communication.

When I’m not weaving creative magic, I relish a good cup of coffee paired with the intriguing plots of Scandinavian or British TV series. My work rhythm is often set to the vibes of music or the energising presence of good company.

Welcome to my world, where creativity meets strategy and every brand story is an adventure waiting to be told.


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